I’m Ross Piper and this is my blog.  I’m a zoologist and my inveterate interest in nature began as a small child by keeping insects against their will in glass jars, which inexorably led to several years in academia pursuing a BSc and a PhD. I started writing books in 2006 with the intention of making good use of an old typewriter bequeathed to me in a will. A burning ambition of mine is to live in a big tree-house in the tropics.

This is me talking to a tortoise in Brazil. It had a great deal to say.

Ross Piper



  1. Great blog!

  2. Hi Ross,

    We seem to have a friend in common, who directed you to my attention. Your work seems very impressive and a lot of fun. I think we share a lot of interests, though I am now retired, I was an entomologist long ago and still retain an active interest in biology and in writing about it on a largely amateur basis. I live in South Africa. If you think that I can be a useful contact at this end of this continent, let me know.
    This, btw, is more of an attempt at email, rather than a comment, so feel welcome not to retain it online.

  3. Hi Ross, I found your blog via your recent posts on the Iberianature.com Forum (an excellent place!) and I’m amazed – brilliant articles! Thank you


    PS don’t worry about the doors to research – you’re by no means the only one, and it’s a far better world out here!

  4. Ross,

    Hi, I would very much like to use two of the images shown on your excellent blog. One of the Bolas Spider and one of the Beetle Faeces Egg Case SEM. I have designed and made a product called Plop Trumps and I am just adding a few more cards to the pack for a reprint and would like to do a card for each of these images. Would you be able to give me permission to use these images and be able to supply them at their highest resolution? If so what would be your terms?



  5. Hello Ross,
    Your sidebar link is non-functional – this is the URL you need : http://natureblognetwork.com/.
    Can’t see you on Twitter – hoping to subscribe to your posts.

    • Thanks, Tim. I’ll take a look.

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