Posted by: scrubmuncher | January 26, 2010

Maltese madness

Every Spring-time, lots of fat blokes with guns take pot shots at any birds that happen to be flying over Malta en-route to somewhere else. They’re supposed to confine their blood-lust to species like turtle dove and quail; however, when Spring is in the air nothing with feathers is safe in the skies of over Malta.

Countless birds of prey and lots of other protected bird species get blasted out of the sky by men who, deep down, probably have more issues than a box of tissues.

Every year, various groups and individuals try and stop this senseless slaughter, but to no avail as the island’s chief of police is the one with the biggest blunderbuss and the most ammo, squealing with delight at every defenceless bird he riddles with shot.

Malta is part of the EU, but somehow they get away with letting this happen. Please help shame the Maltese government into stopping this madness by signing the petition below:

Petition to ban illegal bird hunting in Malta

Take a look at the site for more information on what happens and how this can be stopped.

An osprey mortally wounded by the galoots with guns Malta.


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